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Is the product water proof? No it is not water proof. The LEDs are splash proof. The battery box and control center are not waterproof. If the battery box is splashed we recommend that you remove the batteries, dry off, and let dry for 12 hrs.

Can I use rechargeable or lithium batteries? NO Use only Alkaline Batteries. We recommend Duracell or Energizer.

Does my Strip have warranty? Yes. The product has a warranty for 30 days for product defects.

What doesn’t the warranty cover? We do not cover breakage in wire do to installation in breakdown areas of the frame. We do not cover BeDazzleLit strips that have been submerged.

How do I apply for warranty? In case of warranty please return item to BeDazzleLit, Warranty Returns, 507 Maggie Trail, Lucas, TX 75002. We will return like product.

Can the BeDazzleLit System be installed on products other than strollers or wheelchairs? Yes it can, Just make sure you install the item away from the opportunity to contact water.

Strip Usage Recommendations by Device

    Baby Stroller (Single Seat) (2) BeDazzleLiT 60 Strips

    Baby Stroller (Double Seat) (2-3) BeDazzleLiT 60 Strips

    Standard Wheelchair (2)  BeDazzleLiT 60 Strips (2) BeDazzleLiT 8 Function Wheel Light Strips

    Bicycle (2) BeDazzleLiT 8 Function Wheel Strips

    Golf Cart (3) BeDazzleLiT 60 Strips

    Pet Stroller (2) BeDazzleLiT 60 Strips