BeDazzleLiT had its beginnings in 2009. The very idea was created as a result of our stroller being relocated at night while at a family theme park in Orlando, Florida. There were hundreds of strollers and wheelchairs located outside of the show we were attending and it was dark. The stroller cost us over $900.00 so initially we were concerned that it just walked out of the park. After a very nervous 15 to 20 minuets when most of the other strollers and wheel chairs were taken by their owners, we found our stroller tucked at the farthest point away parked behind a trash can.

Since we were annual pass holders we knew we would be returning, so I had to figure a way to make our stroller easier to locate at night time if we were all alone or if we were one of hundreds.

Since it was October, most stores began selling Christmas decorations. While walking through Target, I came across a display of battery powered LED Christmas lights. I immediately thought that this would solve our problem that we had experienced the prior weekend. I purchased a few set of these lights and decorated our stroller.

The stroller looked nice when lit up but it had a lot of unused space and the excessive wire presented a huge problem due to the nature of collapsing the stroller for transport. During our next visit to the park, we were receiving a number of comments about the stroller from everyone; including parents, children, grandparents and park staff. More importantly for us, we had ZERO problems identifying our stroller at night when in the middle of 100 or more parked strollers!

The spillover was, I had unknowingly created a Magic Kingdom for my son! He was the KING sitting on his thrown and felt like the luckiest kid in the most magical place on earth!

Over the next 5 years, I added lights going from 60 to 180 LED lights on our stroller. It didn’t matter where we went at night with the stroller, the positive comments just kept coming. While the comments were positive my cost had risen to nearly $100 when looking at the 6 lighting strips and 18 C batteries.

Having this experience for the past eight years of understanding the issues and limitations of standard battery powered LED Christmas lights we decided to develop our own lighting strip. The strip has been designed with over 8 years of testing and development. You can go all out like I did with our stroller by only using 3 BeDazzleLiT light Strips and only 9 AA batteries!

We have colors that will help you cheer on your local High School, Collegiate, or Professional sports team and color combinations to celebrate major holidays such as the 4 th of July! The creativity is in your hands.

My wife Vera and I have a wonderful 8 year old son. Jaden he is our true joy! Vera and I have worked for major Fortune 500 corporations in senior level sales and marketing positions such as GATX, Tyco, ADT Security, International Truck & Engine, Paccar, and Kenworth Truck Company. I am from New Orleans, Louisiana, and Vera is from Naperville, Illinois.

We are excited to take the lessons and experiences learned from these icons of corporate America and bring it to BeDazzleLiT! As you go through our website we hope you quickly realize the many safety benefits and pure excitement that the BeDazzleLiT product can add to your next nighttime outing !

We appreciate the time you are taking to review our website !


Leo and Vera Spriggins


Venture into the night and BeDazzleLiT !