Tie wraps – Black and Clear 8” Nylon Tie Wraps that can bundle 2” Diameter. This will work for 95% of all strollers. You may have to move to 12 or 15” length tie wraps if your stroller tubing is larger.

Velcro loop Fasteners- I use a 10” long fastener to temporarily secure lights to stroller for positioning purposes.

Blue Painters Masking Tape – You can use this instead of Velcro Loop Fasteners to temporarily secure the lighting strip while it is positioned

Cutting Tool – you can use scissors or wire cutters to cut off excess tie wrap once secure

You can find these supplies at any Harbor Freight, Northern Tool, Lowes, Home Depot or at your local hardware store.

(Picture of Supplies Here)

General Installation of One or Two BeDazzleLiT Strips

To begin you must first understand that your stroller will be folded and unfolded numerous times throughout the day. This is extremely important. Do not install the BeDazzleLiT Lighting System without taking into account this fact. Installing the system without this consideration will not allow the stroller to be broken down for transport or set up for use. If you have a stroller with an extendable adjustable handle for a taller person make sure that you account for this if you are installing lights around the handle.

Now that you have taken into account that the stroller will be set up and broken down constantly, you can properly install the BeDazzleLiT system. You want to have the battery box end of the BeDazzleLiT strip end up in the basket or on a frame that is not in direct contact of possible rain but can be easily accessed to operate. These locations will vary by stroller. You may want to secure it to the frame using the tie wraps or just sit in the basket that most strollers have.

Your BeDazzleliT strip is 11ft long or 132inches. The length between the battery box and 1 st LED is approximately 12 inches.

Make sure that you have the batteries installed. Begin routing your BeDazzleLiT string at the furthest point away from where you intend to locate your battery box. Remember to take into account the brake down areas of the frame that allow the frame to be folded. Using the Velcro loop fasteners or masking tape temporarily secure the BeDazzleLiT strip to the frame all the way to the battery box. If you are satisfied with this one color you can begin to secure the lights to the stroller with your tie warps.

If you intend to make your stroller two colors say Red and White you can do so. First turn on both BeDazzleLiT strips. Once you have completed the one strip temporary installation now take your second color and overlap the 1 st BeDazzleLiT string with the 2nd BeDazzleLiT color beginning just behind the 1 st led  on the 1 st color BeDazzleLiT strip you installed. The spacing between each LED is 2 inches so when you overlap two BeDazzleLiT strips you will have a LED light every inch. As you go along, temporarily secure by using Velcro loop 

fasteners or masking tape. In this case you will have R W R W R W R W…. Battery Boxes.

If you are satisfied with the position of both colors you can begin to secure the lights to the stroller with your tie warps. Secure the lights using as many tie warps as you will like depending upon the curvature and straight sections on the frame. I like to secure at every corner or curve with a tie wrap and one tie wrap every 6 to 12 inches on straight frame sections. Make sure you use the clear or black color wraps on the appropriate sections.

You can continue the process to add as many BeDazzleLiT Strips as you like to achieve the desired look!

Your Stroller is now BeDazzleLiT!!!