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BeDazzleLiT for SAFETY

The BeDazzleLIt Battery Powered LED Lighting System primary and most important benefit is SAFETY. It is the baby stroller accessory industry’s first product that makes nighttime safety a premium. When you add the BeDazzleLit Customized LED lighting system to your stroller you instantly help increase the VISIBILITY and AWARENESS that you are transporting Priceless Cargo. It doesn’t matter if you are walking at night in Chicago, New York City, Miami Beach, Laguna Beach, Taste of Chicago, Six Flags, or at Disney World, Mardi Gras; people are more likely to see you.

The BeDazzleLiT Lighting System will help cars safely notice you from distances over a quarter mile away when view is unimpeded. Use Steady State On for optimal visibility or Flashing Function for extreme visibility. Either way the BeDazzleLiT system will increase visibility!

When you BeDazzleLiT for SAFETY you have an additional layer of nighttime protection for your Family!


BeDazzleLit for Location Recognition

Simple Questions:

Which stroller would your child identify promptly at night?

If your stroller was parked among 100 strollers which stroller would your children identify 1 st?

If you were separated by 50yards at night from your child, would they find you and your BeDazzleLiT Stroller?

The BeDazzleLiT Stroller Lighting System instantly provides a point of reference at night time for toddlers and little children. A BeDazzleLiT Stroller will increase nighttime recognition and make it easier to locate your family!

If you are visiting any Disney, Universal, or Six Flags theme park at night you are keenly aware of how difficult it can be to quickly identify the location of your stroller when parked among 500 or more strollers at night; after park staff have moved the stroller to make room for others. A BeDazzleLit stroller all but eliminate this problem.

BeDazzleLit’s Recognition benefit is great for those children that have special needs. The BeDazzleLiT Lighting System instantly helps to create location awareness for these children.

When you BeDazzleLit for Location Recognition your family will be able to immediately identify your stroller at night!


BeDazzleLiT for Nighttime Experience Enhancement

The Customizable Benefit of the BeDazzleLiT Lighting System are endless! What are your collegiate colors? Geaux Tigers Purple and Gold! What is your favorite NFL Team Colors? Who DAT? Black &Gold! Who is your World Cup Team? Go U.S.A. What is your favorite Holiday? St Patrick’s Day Green!

Your family can enhance any nighttime activity by adding a BeDazzleLit LED Lighting System to your stroller or wheelchair!

Your children will feel like their stroller is a mobile Christmas tree and will be proud to be the main attraction!

BeDazzleLit to Enhance NightTime Experience Enhancement!

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