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How Many Strips Will I Need

The feature that makes the BeDazzleLiT lighting system so flexible is its ability to adapt and be customized to fit almost any application requiring mobile battery power! Some of the more common uses are listed here with the recommended approximate number of BeDazzleLiT Light Strips needed to BeDazzleLiT your device.

  Single Seat Baby Stroller - (2) BeDazzleLiT 60 Strips

  Double Seat Baby Stroller - (3) BeDazzleLiT 60 Strips

  Standard WheelChair - (2)   BeDazzleLiT 60 Strips and (2) BeDazzleLiT 8 Function Wheel Strips

  Bicycle - (2) BeDazzleLiT 8 Function Wheel Strips

  Golf Cart - (3) BeDazzleLiT 60 Strips

  Dog Stroller - (1or2) BeDazzleLiT 60 Strips depending upon size.

  Walker - (1) BeDazzleLiT 60 Strip

  Crutches - (2) BeDazzleLiT 8 Function Wheel Strips

  Disney CruiseLine Fish Extender - (1) BeDazzleLiT 8 Function Wheel Strip 

  Mardi Gras Ladder - (8) BeDazzleLiT 60 Strips, 4 purple, 2 green, 2 yellow

If you are in need of further assistance to determine the number of strips required for your device, please contact us at lspriggins76@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to help out! For Installation tricks click here  https://www.bedazzlelit.com/blogs/news


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